Shin Gyakuten Touhou

Release Date: December 30, 2009
Genre: VN /
Region: Japan
Languages: , Patched

System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP / a
Processor: Intel® 2.0GHz Pentium®4 or equivalent
Memory: 400 MB or more
Hard disk: 400 MB or more
Graphics hardware: DirectSound-compatible sound card
Audio Equipment: DirectX 9.0c
Tags: my first non – sexual / sexualized games; D


Shin Gyakuten Touhou pc

Shin Gyakuten Touhou game

Shin Gyakuten Touhou pc games download


Shin Gyakuten Touhou Game Download:

Download Size: 341.4 MB
Links MEGA: Shin Gyakuten Touhou

IMPORTANT: This game is already patched for and.

Notes / Instructions

Download AppLocale / Locale Emulator on the load.
Extract the file ISO / RAR.
Use the AppLocale, to open the EXE.
Enjoy; D
optional – if there is something u do not know, ask me

(EXE to have a different folder)

if u want a new game compatibility with your setup using a computer (or linguistic needs AppLocale emulator)

(secret step) Locale to use the emulator, right-click the game (.exe) and search for the application, then move the cursor to the title, will be expanded to work in and speak locale / administrator.

Death step Q_Q -> after the extraction of U and can not use the RPG Maker, just use AppLocale or language emulator and change region extraction rpgmaker game after it opens. (for rpgmaker games)

(oo) NOTE * Fixed AppLocale Links for windows below 10:

(oo) NOTE: * Hey, I have a surprise for U> W <, I found an app that may change the region for windows 10 (do not forget to keep it and do not share it); D

-> Language Emulator

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