PC Game: Stella Vanity – Prelude to the Destined Calamity

Release Date: December 2011

Genre: ,

Developer: Tris-Gram

Region: Japan

Languages: with

Another doujin shmup from the obscure land of Japan. This one’s kinda old but still great.

This one features two characters with two different playstyles.

Type-C is the ranged vanilla playstyle using regular spread and burst/pulse cannon.

Type-S is more melee oriented with a spread, Blade, and homing beams/lasers.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses since specific weapons are exclusive to each.


Z – Fire

X – Beam/Pulse Cannon or Homing Beam/Lasers (Depends on Character and Type)

C – Blade (Type-S only)

V – Bombs

A – ES/DS (Type-S only)

F – Slow Movement and/or Shield (depending on chara + type)

Z+ F – Slow Fire (for precise dodges)

This is what I figured out so far at least with no manual on hand.

Don’t have it all figured out that well though and I could be wrong about some of this.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows
  • CPU: Pentium 4 or greater
  • Memory: 384MB or greater
  • Hard drive: 200MB or greater
  • Graphics hardware: 256MB or greater
  • Direct X: 9 or greater

How to Install:

  1. No Install. Extract.



Stella Vanity – Prelude to the Destined Calamity

PC Game Download

Download Size: 149 MB

This is an old ver 1.00/v0.50A from launch. Could not find a newer update.

MEGA – Stella

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