Hello, new fella gamer here. I just want to share my experience and little tricks Here . Most of us has problematic error such as MSCVP120.dll is missing or something.

I Want you guys to know that a game needs some little things. There are some programs to be installed first of all, they are:

  1. DirectX setup
  2. Microsoft visual C++
  3. Microsoft .NET FrameWork 3.5 and 4 ( some computer already have it, so sometimes no need to install it )
  4. Daemon Tools
  5. WinRAR/ 7zip

The BOLD ones are the most important things. No matter how good your PC is, it would be useless without it.

  • (x86) you only need to install Microsoft visual C++  (x86) version only
  • For (x64), You need to install Microsoft visual C++ (x64) and (x86) version

Bellow are the errors that happened because of the FIRST THREE programs not installed in your PC

Screenshots: 01-basic-files-errorMSVCP120_dll_errorMSVCR120

–Visual C++ Redistributable: (x86)–


–Visual C++ Redistributable: (x64)–

LINK C++ 2010 :

LINK C++ 2012 :

LINK C++ 2013 :

LINK C++ 2015 :

–DirectX Setup–

Link :

–Daemon Tools–

Link :


Link :


Link :

–Microsoft .NET Framework–

Link 3.5 :
Link 4.5 :